32 professional makeup brush set, facial eye shadow eyeliner foundation blush lip powder liquid cream blending brush (black)

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[Best quality]-High-density soft nylon bristles, no shedding, no odor, easy to stick powder and clean, will not harm your skin. The handle is made of tea family wood, and the connection between the handle and the brush is made of aluminum.

[Professional makeup brushes] 8x makeup brushes (for different purposes or replacement), 4x concealer brushes, 4x eyeshadow brushes, 3x small round shadow brushes, 3x sponge eyeshadow brushes, 2x eyeliner brushes, 1x nose shadow brushes, 1x angle electric brushes, 1 x Lip brush, 1 x eyebrow brush, 1x foundation brush, 1x large fan-shaped brush, 1x small fan-shaped brush, 1x mascara brush, +1 x nylon bag

[10 or more eye makeup brushes]-If you want to have more eye makeup brushes, this brush is the most suitable for you, more than 10 eye makeup brushes (eyeliner & eye shadow), all kinds of eye makeup can satisfy your eye makeup of

[Handbag]-The suit comes with a stylish nylon suitcase. The bag is easy to roll up and store. The brush has enough space and is easy to reach in this way. The brush has a transparent protective cap, so the bristles will not break or wear.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review