Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net Ultralight Portable Nylon Outdoor Windproof Anti-Mosquito Swing Sleeping Hammock

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Hand Woven
Camping Hammock
Quick Dry,Eco-Friendly
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Product Overview


TEAR RESISTANT AND DURABLE: The camping hammock tent adopts quality Nylon, super tear resistant, hard to be broken with a capacity 330lbs (150kg). Besides, the hammock tent with mosquito net for hammock feel soft and comfortable could be easily folded to put in the storage bag which hanging outside

ANTI MOSQUITO: Mosquito net for tent / hammock tent adopts high density polyester, which could effectively prevent mosquitoes flying into the portable hammock tent and provide campers or hikers a quiet and comfortable sleeping or relaxation. The camping mosquito net for hammock connected with the ha

STRONG AND SAFE HOOKS AND STRAPS: The outdoor hammock mosquito net for tent comes with hooks and straps which used to hang the camping tent with mosquito net. Both the hammock straps and hooks are strong and durable, not easily to be broken. For safety, please hang the mosquito net for tent on the m

LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY CARRYING: The whole camping hammock tent weight only 1KG, super lightweight. Campers, hikers or travelers could easily fold and put it in the little storage bag. It is very convenient and easy for campers and hikers take the sleeping hammock outdoor.

GOOD QUALITY: Adopts extra strong mosquito net for hammock tent, the material is tear resistant parachute Nylon material with reinforced stitching and knotting that holds up to 450 lbs.


Product advantages
- Comfortable & Breathable
- Mosquito Net
- Easy to carry
- Flip over as a common hammock
- Lightweight Hiking Hammock
- Easy to setup and easy to cleaned


Product Specifications
Material: Parachute nylon fabric
Weight capacity: 300 kg
Super Lightweight, Small, Compact and Durable


- Do not twisted or knotted the head rope.
- Put a protective cushion below the hammock when a children use it, to prevent the children from fall and injured.
- Do not try to stand up in the hammock.
- The most suitable and safe distance between hammock and ground is 7-16inch.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review