Electronic Weight Scale White Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale, Large Blue LCD Backlight Display, High Precision Measurements,6mm Tempered Glass

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Product Overview


Product Description:

1. Ultra-thin: Made of 6mm transparent tempered glass, our weight scale is ultra-thin, sturdy and durable.

2. Round and smooth: All corners and edges of our scales have been carefully polished to be round and smooth, which can easily prevent you and your family from being hurt.

3. All the functions you need and more: Our bathroom scales include stepping technology, automatic on/off function, low battery indication, overload alarm, automatic calibration, etc. Provide you with all the functions required by the scale.

4. For your safety and more accurate readings, please make sure your scale is placed on a hard and flat surface, your feet must be dry when stepping on it, and make sure you stand in the center of the scale until you see the measurement result.


Please note:

1. The glass will be slippery when wet. Before you set foot, make sure your glass is dry.

2. If the scale cannot be turned on, please check whether the battery is installed correctly, and try to replace the battery if necessary.

3. If an error appears on the display or the scale does not turn off automatically, remove the battery for 3 seconds and then reinstall it.

4. There are two 1.5V AAA batteries in the scale. Please tear off the insulating tape in the battery compartment before use.



Color: transparent

Weight unit: lb/kg/st

Scale: 0.2lbs/100g

Load capacity: 11lbs/5kg-400lbs/180kg

Battery: 1.5V AAA battery (pre-installed)

Platform: 6mm tempered glass

LCD display: 2.9 x 1.1 inches (74 x 28.6 mm)

Dimensions: 11.9 x 11.9 x 0.8 inches (302 × 302 × 22 mm)


Package content:

1x Letsfit digital weight scale

2 x 1.5V AAA batteries

1 x Tap Measure

1 x User Manual


(No reviews yet) Write a Review